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Star Nine arrives at Ashley Lane’s hill top home to discuss an upcoming audit for Ashley’s business. Star arrives at the door only to be greeted by Ashley wearing a very short, and tight latex mini dress and black nylons. She is ushered into a sitting room and begins asking Ashley about the nature of her business. Ashley grabs Star’s wrist and quickly snaps a pair of handcuffs on her. Star is rightly shocked and can only stammer as Ashley then puts a collar and leash around her neck. Star is informed that she is going to be turned into a “Show Pony” and is led off to another room.

Arriving in the room, Star finds an elaborate bondage pony harness hanging from the center of a room. Star strips her of her clothes, puts on the harness and then shackles Star’s elbows and wrists behind her back.

Star is then led outside where Ashley puts her through her paces, making her walk and prance as she carefully watches and instructs her.

Star is then led back inside where a vibrator has been attached to the end of a metal pole. She is forced to walk up to the vibrator and have an orgasm. Ashley then retrieves another vibrator and brings herself to orgasm as Star continues to come. Finally, she leaves, with Star voluntarily having orgasms.

The story flips as Star has convinced Ashely to let her tie her up. Ashley is amazed at the skill and tightness of the ropes around her body. Star arrives and torments Ashley and then brings to one gut wrenching orgasm after another. 

Resolution: 1920 x 1080

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