Broken Promises

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Randy Moore has a special bondage rendezvous planned. She gets a call telling her that Jim will be home soon and promises not to start without him. However, as soon as she puts the phone down, boredom and her general kinky nature combine to test her will power. Unfortunately, she just isn't up to the challenge. First, she decides that there's no reason she can't get dressed in the outfit Jim has set out for her and she slowly puts everything on. All this does is make Randy horny and she decides that there isn't any harm in her masturbating just a little bit. She pulls out a vibrator and brings herself to orgasm. Then she decides to really up the ante and ties herself up. What could be the harm? Jim will be there shortly to free her, or not if she is really lucky. Things take an unexpected turn however when Jim calls and explains over the answering machine that he has been delayed and won't be there for hours. Randy's grand plan to surprise Jim has backfired. She forgot to put the key to the handcuffs where she could get at it and is completely helpless. After hours of self induced captivity, Jim finally arrives. He is none to pleased that she broke her promise and ties her into various positions and outfits as punishment.

Starring Randy Moore

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