Catsuit Collection Vol.1

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This is a compilation DVD of some of Jim's Favorite Catsuit videos.

Firstly, Christina gets a package from a fan. She opens it to find Magical Straps. She sounds a little disbelieving when she reads that all you have to do is 'say these magic words' and the straps would magically appear on her body! Hey, it's worth a shot right? She gets pretty creative with her wishing once she realizes the power these Magical Straps have, but has she gone too far with her wishing?!?

Next, Randy gets the full stringent bondage treatment. Dressed in a tight red catsuit and even tighter black rope, she struggles in an extreme box tie with a sexy head-harness ball gag strapped tightly between her lips. Things get more and more difficult from there on. Jim enters and hogties her, pulling her into a crazy arch with her gag tied to her feet. Jim ups the ante even further when he attaches an electric winch and then pulls her upwards until she is barely touching the table. Just super tight bondage at its very best. Randy shows everyone that she is one of the leading bondage girls in the industry. Awesome stuff.

Then left on her own Kendra struggles on the bamboo floor mat in a super shiny black catsuit. The chain is very restrictive on her body. She's can't escape. A blindfold is added for our entertainment. She can hear everything that is going on around her, she just can't do anything about it! The keys are close.... she can hear them, she just can't find them to free herself! Jim torments and teases her and finally gives her the keys - blindfolded! 

Cali makes her first appearance at the Cafe in this video. She's on the bed in a body hugging catsuit, tight corset and awful 6 inch stiletto boots! Her arms are snuggly held together behind her in a shiny pvc arm binder and the leather straps are making sure she really has to struggle to get around. Jim removes her boots and adds some more straps. He soon discovers Cali is ticklish. He blindfolds her so she can't see what he'll do next. Well there are a few snorts in there as Jim discovers the best places to tickle Cali. All good things must come to an end or so Cali thinks. Jim learns just what Cali's least favorite way to get tickled is. Maybe we'll see that in the next clip!

Darling is completely over the edge in this really sexy video. It certainly is a good thing she loves really tight bondage, because this one is fiendishly stringent. Dressed in a tight black catsuit, with her elbows are welded together in a web of interconnected ropes, Darling is completely helpless - and that is only the beginning. Jim comes in and adds a single rope that takes her already stringent bondage to a whole new level. The rope starts at her waist, is then pulled tightly between her legs, up and over her wrists, through her ankles and then up to the ring in the top of her harness ball gag - that is when the grinding of her hips really begins. Super sexy.

You will also find Kendra stuck in one place wearing those dreaded leather ballet boots. She's also anchored to the ceiling to give her a little sense of stability. Her shiny red spandex catsuit really digs into her pussy giving her camel toe but especially when Kobe pulls on the knotted crotch rope. Puurrfect! Hitachi anyone? Kobe forces Kendra to come over and over again while standing - don't lose your balance Ms. Kendra! I'm guessing that the vibrator certainly helps take Kendra's mind off how tender her toes are getting. She's been standing in those toe boots for a while now. That's right Kobe, just keep making her cum and everything will be all good!

Lastly, they say if you struggle long enough you will loosen the ropes binding you. That rarely happens with Jim Weathers rope work but there is always a chance. Mary Jane had her chance but she was caught! Jim reties her and lets her struggle some more to prove she really can't escape!

All videos have been previously released individually in our clip stores. This is the only way to purchase them all on one disc!

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