Curious Obsession

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Emily arrives at Mr. Weathers' house to get his signature on an lucrative business deal only to be told that he had leave for an emergency meeting. Emily is not happy after driving 3 hours and informs Rachel (Jim's maid) that she is going to wait for him to get home. Rachel's explanation that Jim will not be back until late that night, nor the fact that she herself needs to leave for a few hours to run errands, does little to change Emily's mind.
Not long after Rachel leaves, Emily starts snooping around the house and discovers a closet full of fetishwear and bondage toys. She decides to play dress up and then begins exploring the rest of the house. She opens a door to a playroom and the sight of the large black bondage slab is just too intriguing for her to resist. Unfortunately, as soon as she places her hands and feet in the straps, they automatically snap close, trapping her.
Rachel finally arrives home, but instead of releasing her, she decides that Emily needs to be taught a lesson and proceeds to stretch her out on the rack.. But that is only the beginning... Emily is powerless to resist as Rachel introduces her to the wonderful world of stringent erotic bondage. Plenty of girl/girl bondage action and Emily and Rachel's chemistry is absolutely mouth watering!

Starring Emily Marilyn and Rachel Paine

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