Homage to Sweet Gwendoline

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Emily Addison stars in a series of Homages to John Willie's iconic bondage darling Sweet Gwendoline.

In scene one, Gwendoline dons her "playsuit" and brings rope to Agent 89 in order for her to practice her escape artists techniques. She dares Agent 89 to tie her up and Agent 89 does just that. Gwendoline ends up in a tight ball tie. Gwen finds it quite inescapable. She struggles to get free, but it is all for naught. Agent 89 comes back and makes it easier, but Gwen still finds it impossible to get free.

In this scene things then turn a bit dark as Jean morphs into a more sinister character, applying nipple clamps to a helplessly singlegloved Gwendoline before bringing her to multiple orgasms with a vibrator. (NEVER BEFORE RELEASED)

Scene 4 is all about struggling. Gwendoline wears a leather corset, gloves and skirt and struggles for all she is worth in tight tan rope.

Scene 5 finds Gwen in the clutches of the fiendish french maid Fifi. Shackled in iron manacles and chains, Gwendoline is helpless as Fifi asks her to choose which corset she wishes to wear. When Gwen throws the corset across the room, Fifi explains that if she is going to act like that, she will get to wear a very special corset. Gwen soon finds herself strapped to the lacing bar and Fifi and The Countess bring out a full length corset dress with the rear cut out. They lace her into the corset and then pull the crotch strap up between her legs. They then leave her to struggle.

In the final episode, Gwen is tightly bound, dressed in a red saloon-girl outfit. Fifi and The Countess play with her before finally bringing her to orgasm after orgasm...

Starring Emily Addison (Sweet Gwendoline), Jean Bardot (Agent 89), Kendra James (Fifi), Darenzia (Mysterious Countess)

Blue Ray Edition is 1920 x 1080 (1080p)

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