O-girl & Nylonika: Obsession - Pt 1 Blu-Ray

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Starring: Christina Carter, Kendra James, Diana Knight, Dee Williams, Emily Addison, Danielle Trixie, Randy Moore, Mary Jane, Anastasia Pierce and Rifferus

Scene 1:
Chastity Lansdale (Danielle Trixie) sits in the offices of Apparel Obsessia, awaiting a meeting with Samuel Grincot (Rifferus), the lawyer that is handling the estate of her late stepfather. Chastity has only recently taken over the day to day operations of the company, the worlds largest, and most profitable fetishwear company in the world, after the sudden and unexpected death of her stepfather. Up to that point, Chastity has seemed only interested in parties, nightclubs and her general activities that comes along with being a twenty-first century online “celebritant”.

Mr. Grincot arrives, and Chastity engages her one of her favorite games: “Tease the Lawyer”. She has enjoyed playing this particular pastime for years, and has picked out today's outfit with care. She knows that the sheer black shirt, and pleated skirt, which is so short that it doesn't quite cover the tops of her sheer black, fully-fashioned stockings, is sure to get Samuel’s attention. As he spoke, Chastity slides forward on to the arm of her chair, and casually lets her insanely high-heeled stiletto shoe slip on to the floor. She bends over and picks up the shoe, explaining that it is one of the companys best sellers. She delights in stroking her stockings and feet, watching Mr. Grincot get more and more uncomfortable. Then the bombshell is dropped, which ruins not only her game, but her mood as well. Her stepfather had shared her hard-earned fortune, not only with a number of Apparel Obessia models, known to the world as AO girls, but also to O-girl and Nylonika. Chastity is irate. She storms out of the meeting, but not before vowing never to share her well earned inheritance with anyone.

Scene 2:
A short time later, Chastity sneaks in a window at the Lovelace Finishing School for Diabolically Deviant Girls, attempting to illicit the help from the infamous arch-criminal. Unfortunately for Chastity, the school is well guarded by the fiendish coeds, and she soon finds herself trapped in a strangling net. A slew of girls enter and watch as the net slowly tightens around her. Chastity pleads for the help, and is finally cut free, after she explains that there are millions at stake. Head girl Lauren (Dee Williams), asks Nina (Anastasia Pierce) to get her rope so she can properly tie up their captive.

Scene 3:
Lauren drags in a very tightly tied-up Chastity to see Lady Lovelace (Diana Knight). Lady Lovelace is overjoyed to have such a lovely captive, and revels in her helplessness. She has Lauren bring her over and sits her down across her lap. Lauren removes her gag and explains her situation. Lady Lovelace patiently hears her out and decides to help Chastity for a hefty fee. She will kill the AO girls, as well as O-girl and Nylonika for 10 million dollars. Chastity is appalled by the price, but Lady Lovelace explains that creating one of a kind traps for all those girls will be expensive, especially at short notice. When Chastity wonders why she doesnt just shoot them, Lady Lovelace explains that revenge is a dish best served slowly. Chastity agrees that she loves the sound of that.

Scene 4:
O-girl (Christina Carter) and Nylonika (Kendra James) lounge on the bed in lingerie, looking forward to a well earned vacation. O-girl begins stroking Nylonika as she explains what she is going to do to her on their impending trip. Lots of rope is going to be packed. Nylonika loves the sound of that and almost comes, but her fun is interrupted by the buzz of the O-phone. O-girl gets up and picks it up. It is the chief. He informs her that another AO girl has been been found dead and another is missing. O-girl tells the chief that they are on the case and the two girls dress each other in their sexy crime fighting costumes.

Scene 5:
Apparel Obsessia girl Kelly Munroe is sitting in her mid town apartment when a package is delivered to her door. She opens it and finds an elaborate, and quite beautiful pink and white leather fetish outfit inside. The outfit is actually for her roommate, but she cant resist putting on the collar, corset, nylons, stiletto sandals and black leather cuffs. She gets the entire outfit on, and it is a perfect fit. Then something happens. Her body heat activates the corset and the front of it locks in place. The strings in back then retract, receding into the corset, leaving nothing to untie. After that, the corset slowly begins to ratchet tighter. Kelly feels something is wrong, but doesnt immediately understand what is happening. At first she just thinks the corset doesnt actually fit her. Then she realizes that it is shrinking and to her horror, she cant take it off.

As she fights with the garment, powerful magnets in the cuffs, pull and lock her wrists, elbows and ankles together, leaving her helpless bound. She cries out for help, but a gag hidden in her strange collar, flips into place, tightening and forcing the pink leather into her mouth. She falls back on to the couch and struggles, but she is completely helpless and unable to stop the corset as it slowly crushes her.

Nylonika arrives just in time to save Kelly. She calls O-girl, who is examining one of the stockings that was used to kill the latest AO girl. Nylonika explains that she has saved Kelly and that she is going to take her place at a foot fetish shoot later in the evening. O-girl heads back to the O-lab to do tests on the stockings.

Scene 6:
Nylonika borrows a dress from Kelly and goes to the foot fetish shoot in her place. AO girl Veronica Hayworth is there, along with a shapely photographer. The photographer gives the girls outfits to wear. Nylonika and Veronica put on the outfits and the shoot begins. They suck and lick each others feet by photos are taken. Suddenly, Nylonika realizes that the photographer has put down the camera and is just watching them. The photographer removes her glasses and beret to reveal that she is actually Lady Lovelace and that she has poisoned them with deadly Spasma-oil that she dipped their stockings in before the shoot. Nylonika and Veronica spasm on the bed while Lady Lovelace goes out to retrieve a special garment that she has made for Nylonika.

Scene 7
Nylonika awakens to find herself tied up in a shiny red catsuit that covers her entire body, including her hands and feet. She struggles and realizes that there is something odd about the suit. Lady Lovelace explains that she is wearing her Sensi-suit, a diabolical garment that is designed to excite the wearers nerve endings. She explains that over time, the suit will make Nylonikas nerves more and more sensitive until her nervous system is literally fried. To make sure that she is properly sensitive, Lady Lovelace brings Nylonika to orgasm with a vibrator before leaving her to perish slowly in the suit. Can Nylonika possibly survive?!!!

1920 x 1080 Blu-Ray

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