Reconnection 2

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Christina Carter and Randy Moore are at it again. Christina calls Randy and asks her to come by and check out the new studio. Randy arrives with a bag of sexy outfits. Christina flips a coin to see who’s first. Who wins the toss? I guess that depends on whether they think winning is being tied, or the one tying. Christina ends up in the ropes first. Tied in a box / lotus tie, she struggles against a small bullet vibrator tied onto her crotchrope. Randy teases Christina, making her lick and suck her high-heeled sandals as well as her nylon feet as she masturbates with a vibrator. After pleasuring herself, Randy turns the vibrator on Christina, making her squirm with delight. After Christina is spent Randy reattaches the crotch rope and leaves her to struggle.

Christina soon gets her revenge - in spades. Randy finds herself tied straddling a tight rope line. Seven knots are tied in the line and under each knot is a vibrator. Christina turns on first one and then another and makes Randy walk the line. Christina raises up the rope behind her, tightening it even more. She turns on more of the vibrators and makes Randy walk forward. When all vibrators are on Randy literally gets weak in the knees. Eventually she takes off Randy's shoes and makes her get up on her tiptoes. It doesn't ease the intense vibration at all but it sure does look good and adds a little something for Randy to think about when Christina leaves her to come over and over.

After a break, the girls are back at it again. They are in matching catsuits, one red the other blue. Randy finds herself tied standing again, with her elbows glued together behind her back and her hands tied to her waist. Christina uses the riding crop on her ass and then makes her come with a vibrator. She sits on the couch and watches Randy struggle. Finally she frees Randy's arms and lets her sit down on the couch beside her. Randy sucks on Christina's shoes and toes as Christina masturbates with the vibrator.

It's Christina's turn next. Tied in a black lurex straitjacket and white rope, Christina struggles on the sheep skin rug. Randy plays with her, teasing her with her hands and her tongue before finally making her come over and over with the vibrator.

Finally, in the last scene, Randy shows Christina her beautiful new purple and black latex outfit (Thanks to Randy’s generous fan). The girls play with each other admiring the new outfit. Christina pulls off Randy's latex hosiery to reveal stocking feet and performs some seriously sexy foot fetish – licking, sucking, kissing. Randy takes over and as she kisses up Christina's thighs, she notices Christina isn't wearing any panties. That reminds Christina that she has a very special present for Randy. She gives her a box that contains a special pair of latex panties - Ones with a dildo built inside. The girls suck on the dildo in anticipation of what's to come, making it nice and slippery. Christina laces Randy into tight leather single glove. She has already put the panties on Randy and has a crotchrope tied tightly in place making sure the dildo stays where it should. Randy can hardly contain herself and things only get crazier when Christina pulls out the vibrator and shoves it against Randy's crotch. The effect is hardly surprising. Many orgasms follow before Christina leaves Randy to struggle...

I think these two like their play dates and hopefully will have another one soon!

Starring Christina Carter and Randy Moore

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