The Perfect Trap

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Pamela (played by Karina) arrives home to find a package from her friend Linda (Sadie Belle) at her doorstep. Inside are a pair of locking ballet shoes. She locks them on and then discovers that the keys included in the package don't fit the locks. Linda invites her over for the weekend on the pretext of removing the shoes, but has definite alterior motives. Pamela soon finds out the the whole thing was planned and is invited to play a little bondage game over the weekend, a decision she at times regrets and at other times... well... you can figure the rest out.
The video features lots of girl / girl interaction - including vibrators - and general hot lesbian bondage fun. It's all in the classic Jim Weathers' style... sleek - sexy - and stringent...!

Starring Karina and Sadie Belle

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