The Perils of Batgirl 1
The Perils of Batgirl 1

The Perils of Batgirl 1

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Angela Sommers stars as Barbara Gordon / Batgirl in a brand new story, "The Perils of Batgirl, a fetish porn parody". Barbara comes home to find out that the Gotham Herald has just named Batgirl the "Sexiest woman in Gotham City". Catwoman (played by the very sexy Candle) isn't pleased with the news. She informs Commissioner Gordon that Batgirl won't live long enough to enjoy her award and offers him a riddle as the location of her next crime.

Barbara Gordon lays back and masturbates as she has a fantasy of her bound up by Catwoman with a vibrator tied between her legs. She comes out of her reverie to hear the Batphone buzzing. It is Commissioner Gordon (Jim Weathers) giving her news of Catwoman's riddle. Barbara figures out the riddle and makes her startling change into Batgirl!

Batgirl follows the clues to the Mesmerian Culteral Exchange Center where a collection of Cat's Heart Opals are being displayed. Unfortunately, she finds that she is too late. The opals are gone. Worse still, Catwoman and even more importantly her goons are lying in wait for her and before she can react, she is grabbed and then tied in Catwoman's fiendish Cat's Whiskers. A nasty invention that slowly contract when placed in contact with the heat of the human body. Batgirl manages to save herself by tripping the fire alarm, which releases freezing fog, causing the whiskers to expand.

Back at her lair, Catwoman is relishing her victory, only it is short lived. Batgirl arrives, this time not expected. Catwoman sics her goons (Anders and Wolf Hudson) on her, but Batgirl is able to thrash them during the ensuing fight. She walks over the unconscious henchmen to take Catwoman to jail. Catwoman however has other plans and scratches Batgirl with her paralyzing dust. Disabling her. Batgirl awakens to find herself at the wrong end of a long conveyor belt with a nasty (and quite sharp) saw blade at the other end. Catwoman flicks the switch and walks away. Leaving Batgirl to be slowly pulled towards the spinning blade. Will she be cut in two?!!

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